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I Can't See, But...I Can Imagine Persis Beach Bennett
Persis Beach Bennett
(song writer)


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Children's Story Book & CD


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Twin Vison Print Braille Book and CDAbout the Book:

Children will ride along with Patty as she listens to her blind grandmother describe how imagination helps her write songs for her five grandchildren. They will laugh when they hear frog conversations in The Frog Song ; hold their breath as they ride in a rocking chair-chariot with delightful ponies going to Rock-A-Bye Town ; giggle when they meet Pepper in Patty's Puppy Pepper ; stare in wonder at things below when Grammie's rocking chair turns into a swing and she is Swinging From a Star ; and grin when they meet Mary Lou with her hair standing on end.


The 61-page hard-bound book features colorful illustrations - by Sharon Bean of Madras , Oregon . A CD accompanies the book including the entire story and five children's songs written by Patricia's grandmother, Persis Beach Bennett. Soundtracks (without the vocal) of all the music are added. Children can have their own show.

Print Braille Book and CD
"Swinging From A Star"

Illustrations Twin Vision
Illustrations - by Sharon Bean of Madras, Oregon
Illustrations Twin Vision
Illustrations - by Sharon Bean of Madras, Oregon
Print Braille Twin Vision
Grammie and Patty downstreet "Rock-a-Bye Town" "The Frog Song" "Patty's Puppy Pepper" "Mary Lou"



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