Persis Beach Bennett
Persis Beach Bennett
(song writer)

Patricia Wilson
Patricia Wilson
(author / producer)
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Persis Beach Bennett

Persis Beach Bennett lived in the house on Richardson Street her father built in Lancaster , N.H. Her four children were born in that house. In 1915, about the time her last child was born, she began to have trouble with her eyesight. By 1925, she was almost completely blind. Her blindness, however, never stopped her from enjoying life. She loved music and spent much of her time playing the piano and composing songs. Persis's life is reflected in her music: she was Christian, so she wrote Christian songs: she loved nature, so she wrote nature songs; she loved love, so she wrote love songs; she loved her grandchildren, so she wrote songs for them. Patty, Carl and Janie mentioned in the children's songs are three of her five grandchildren. Majestic Trees was written after the huge New England hurricane on September 21, 1938 , that destroyed hundreds of ancient trees in Lancaster . The entire town cried, and she cried -- so she wrote a song.

Persis wanted to save the music for her family, but because she was blind, writing it down was impossible. Instead, in 1949, she recorded it on 78 rpm records. Her family loved the music and played the records so often they were ruined. By the time the next generation entered the picture, the records were so badly deteriorated they were impossible to understand. Her granddaughter retrieved the records from a basement and re-recorded them all. So, here they are - Songs From Grandmother's House.


Patricia Bennett Wilson

Persis' granddaughter, Patricia, was born and raised in New England, and now lives in Redmond , Oregon . As a child, she was captivated by the songs her grandmother wrote. When Persis passed away in April 1954, Patricia began worrying, "What will become of Grammie's music?" In 1994, she retrieved the records from a basement in New Hampshire . They were terribly scratched and nearly impossible to understand. With God's help and the assistance of many talented people in central Oregon , all the music was reproduced.

In addition to producing this CD, Patricia wrote the children's book I Can't See, But.I Can Imagine. It contains its own CD that includes the story and her grandmother's five children's songs. She says, "Children love the book and its CD, but people of any age will love all the Songs From Grandmother's House ."




Beulah Bennett Sayles

Beulah Bennett Sayles, daughter of Persis, was a self-taught, but accomplished, pianist. Not only was she the pianist on the original recordings, but she spent many years after her mother's death writing the music down - miraculously discovered in 1995. When the recordings deteriorated over time, it was the written music that saved the day.

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